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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I find an accommodation?
You can find a holiday house using one of the following methods:
  • Enter your criteria in the 'Find a holiday rental' section of the homepage, click on the [Search >] button, and you get an overview of the holiday homes that meet your criteria.
  • You can also choose to immediately use the advanced search functionality. This can be reached by clicking the Advanced Search link. This link can also be found in the 'Find a holiday rental' section on the homepage.
  • Do you already have the reference of the property you are looking for, then type the reference in the search box [Reference ...] and click on the [Search >] button. This search feature can also be found in the the 'Find a holiday rental' section on the homepage.
  • Using the menus at the top (Promotions, Themes, Destinations, Ski & Golf), you can directly obtain a list of homes in specific destinations or you can get an overview of current promotions.
2. Can I save my favorite rentals for later use or send them by email to my friends or family ?
In the results list you will find a link 'Add to Favorites' next to each holiday house. When you click on that link, the corresponding holiday house is added to your personal list of favorite holiday homes. On the page presenting the details of the holiday house a [Add to Favorites] button is available which serves the same purpose.
Holiday homes that you have added to the Favorites list can be viewed by clicking on the menu item Favorites. This menu is located in the top menu bar.

By clicking on the holiday homes listed in your favorites list you can view the detailed description, you can save them for a later visit and you can send them by email to an acquaintance or friend. Before emailing your favorite holiday homes please make sure that you first sign in using your email address. You can sign in via the 'Log on' box located on the left side of the page displaying the overview of your favorite holiday homes.
3. I would like to receive more information about a holiday house. How should I proceed ?
If you want more information about a specific holiday house or apartment, then please contact the appropriate person using the contact information provided in each property ad in the 'Contact' section.

For most of the holiday homes on our website, you can contact the Villapolis customer service. We will then help you with your questions.
Some homes on our website are managed directly by the owner. For these holiday homes you should contact the owner directly. In these cases, the owners contact information is listed in the 'Contact' section.
4. Are the property advertisements on this web site trustworthy ? Is it safe to rent ?
Villapolis is a licensed member of the Institute of Professional Real Estate Agents (IPI, license 504739) that regulates the profession of real estate brokers. Villapolis was granted a license as touristic rental office (license 8109) issued by Tourism Flanders. Click here for more information.

Villapolis has close contact with the owners or managers of properties listed on our website. Most of these owners have been working with Villapolis for several years and work according to the rules imposed by the Institute of Professional Real Estate Agents.
5. How can I contact a representative of Villapolis?
The website of Villapolis is the display window of our shop. With our simple but efficient search functionality you can quickly find a suitable holiday home on our website.

We do not have a publicly accessible rental office to keep our operating costs low and our rental prices competitive. You can always contact us via our customer service:

Villapolis Customer Service
Nathalie Rosillon

Our helpdesk is multilingual and you can contact us in English, French or Dutch.
Villapolis offers holiday rentals in more than 20 countries in Europe and beyond. Villapolis intermediates for the majority of the holiday houses offered on this website. All other houses, can be rented directly from the owner or manager of the holiday rental.
Villapolis is a licensed real estate agency in Belgium (IPI 509739)
Villapolis is recognized by Tourism Flanders as a tourist rental office - license 8109