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Travel insurance: a safety net for unexpected problems
Travel insurances allow you to protect yourself against unexpected events and expenses. The most common travel insurances in the travel industry, specifically for holiday rentals, are:
  • The cancellation insurance
  • The accidental damage insurance
The cancellation insurance
This insurance covers the damage suffered by you if unforeseen circumstances (illness, death, ...) must cancel your trip. The premium for such insurance is generally a percentage (varying between 5% and 8%) of the total cost of your stay.
The accidental damage insurance
Unintentional damage to the holiday house or apartment can be covered by this insurance.
You should note that with this type of insurance the intervention by the insurance company is limited per booking.
Villapolis and travel insurance
Currently it is possible to obtain a cancellation insurance for part of the holiday homes that are rented out through mediation of Villapolis.
In the future we want to offer cancellation insurance for all our holiday rentals.
Villapolis offers holiday rentals in more than 20 countries in Europe and beyond. Villapolis intermediates for the majority of the holiday houses offered on this website. All other houses, can be rented directly from the owner or manager of the holiday rental.
Villapolis is a licensed real estate agency in Belgium (IPI 509739)
Villapolis is recognized by Tourism Flanders as a tourist rental office - license 8109